im bailee and all i do is read comics and relate to jonathan crane way too much

Nakazawa, Masatomo — Jellyfish Song (preview)
クラゲの歌 -extend strings-
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You do remember this is the guy that almost destroyed yer life an’ gave you a permanent ghost job by pushing you in a vat a’ bleach? The guy treats you like a saddle on a horse  an’ you keep coming back ta him like he’s the greatest thing since sliced cheese. It breaks my heart. Wherever it is.

INmusic Festival 2013 [x]

Arctic Monkeys — Humbug
Pretty Visitors
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Crawling with the base of the scales, 
And fucking fiddles with the feet on a balancing act, 
You were gagged, bound and crafting a tale, 
Trailing wrapped in a gasp. 


Poor Koujaku.



Sei Seragaki - Episode 12